Oasis Commissary is taking technology to a whole new level! Introducing the most innovative product in the corrections market, Resident Tablets! These tablets are Windows based, and have even more functionality than the dorm kiosk.

The tablets run on a secure network, and are enclosed in a hard, plastic case. The cases are designed to prevent residents from accessing the sensitive areas of the tablet. The patent pending charger base locks the tablets into place, thus deterring theft.

Tablets are free for all residents to use in 15 minute increments. The tablet allows all residents to order commissary, file a grievance, schedule a medical visit, read the handbook, visit via video, or even send a secure message to a loved one. Each feature can be enabled or disabled at any time.

If a resident would like to use the tablet longer, he can rent the tablet for a nominal daily fee. The daily rental allows the resident to take the tablet back to their cell to play games, stream music, or take an educational class.